Meet the CEO

Karri Dotstry RN, BSN, CCM is the Founder and CEO of The Karring Group. Karri was born and raised in Washington State. She moved to Michigan in 1989 and has lived in the Detroit Metro Area since. Karri attended college at University of Detroit Mercy where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. 


Karri has worked as a Floor Nurse on a Medical Floor and in the Intensive Care Unit. She later went to work as an Infectious Disease Nurse and a Nurse Educator. Later in her career, she transitioned to a hospital sales representative, where she learned how to run a small business and was very successful in this role, winning 2 National All-star trips. She then, by chance, learned about Auto Case Management and went to work per-diem for a case management company. She quickly learned she loved this line of nursing. After a few years with her knowledge of nursing, business and case management she decided to start her own company, which is now called “The Karring Group”. 

Karri has a wonderful daughter who helped her start her company and they have been working together since its inception in 2013, to provide exceptional service to their clients. Karri also enjoys playing volleyball competitively, working out and considers herself an "outdoorswoman".  


Karri’s mottos in life are, "Know that everything happens for a reason" and "Your path will take to where you are supposed to be." 

Meet the Team

Breann Dotstry

BSW, COO, Case Manager

Breann Dotstry, BSW Case Manager is the COO of The Karring Group. Breann was born in Washington State on the Air Force base, where her father, a Detroit Native was stationed. Shortly after her birth the three of them packed up moving to Michigan, where Breann has been living all her life aside from her college years that were spent in North Carolina. Breann attended North Carolina A&T State University on a volleyball scholarship. After three years Breann returned home and finished her bachelor’s degree at Oakland University double majoring in Social Work and Journalism.


Shortly, after graduation Breann received a called from her mother, (Karri) saying, “let’s start our own company” and from that moment on they hit the ground running and never looked back. Breann is engaged to her long-term boyfriend, Eddie and together they parent his 8-year-old daughter, Cydnee. They live in Royal Oak with their two huskies and Cydnee. Breann loves shopping, shoes, and handbags bring her tons of joy, vacationing and spending time with her family. Breann says, “Coming out of college I would have never guessed that case management would be the career path for me, but I know I couldn’t picture doing anything else. Developing relationships with my clients and offering them the comfort and stability they so desperately need during such a vulnerable time, helping them recover and watching them progressing and returning to their normal selves really offers a feeling that cannot be explained. I truly love what I do and what our company is about.”

Stacey Catalano

Executive Director

​Stacey Catalano is the Executive Director of The Karring Group. She grew up in Macomb County where she still resides. After graduating from Eisenhower High School, with very successful academic and athletic accomplishments, she attended both Grand Valley State University and Madonna University, on a full-ride scholarship for her academic and volleyball achievements. 


Prior to working at The Karring Group, Stacey worked in Healthcare Administration. She began her employment with The Karring Group in January of 2016. Stacey has fulfilled the roles of Care Coordinator and Lead Care Coordinator before obtaining her current role as the Executive Director. Each experience was unique, and she obtained a plethora of knowledge and experience from each of those positions to take with her into her current role. 

Outside of work, Stacey’s hobbies include: playing competitive volleyball, fishing, watching sporting events, camping, kayaking, spending time at her cabin in Northern Michigan, playing with her three dogs, traveling the country, photography, listening to music, going to concerts, adventures, having fun out on the lake, meeting new people and enjoying life. 

Tinaka Thomas

RN, CCM, Clinical Director

Tinaka Thomas, RN, CCM is the Clinical Director of The Karring Group. Tinaka graduated from Baker College of Auburn Hills as a Registered Nurse. Prior to her current career as a Case Manager, she served as a Home Care Nurse, Visiting Wound Care Nurse and an Orthopedic/Neurosurgery Nurse. One of her top reasons for being proud and excited about being a part of The Karring Group team is, “We truly care about our clients and it’s shown through our leaders. We are helping to change lives for the better. Plus, it’s a great place to learn more about yourself and grow.”


In her spare time, Tinaka enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, family and friends. She is involved with her church as she serves alongside her husband as Youth Pastor. She loves to travel and loves good food. She is adventurous yet reserved and quiet. She enjoys shopping, reading, listening to music and living life. She educates others about personal financial success and is also a Licensed Notary Public.

Sheri Sample

Finance Director

Sheri Sample is the Finance Director of The Karring Group. She joined our little family in May of 2015. She has over 25 years of experience in the fields of Accounting, Tax Law and Finance. She is responsible for all invoicing and collections, as well as the company bookkeeping. She enjoys working for such a giving company, helping individuals in their recovery journey. The Karring Group truly CARES about our clients and she feels fortunate to be a part of that.


Sheri and her husband Tim have been married 24 years and have three beautiful children, Elijah, Justin and Sophia. On her off time, they like to spend it up north with friends and family at our cabin, having bonfires, fishing, Kayaking and playing at the beach. They also like to attend local music festivals when schedules allow.

Ebony Daniels

Assistant Director of Finance

Ebony Daniels is a Report Editing and Invoice Specialist with the Karring Group. Healthcare has always been her passion, helping and assuring others that the quality of life isn't diminished because assistance is required. She's held a variety of roles within the healthcare industry, including medical assistant and Dialysis Technician, in which she is certified.  Ebony has been with the Karring Group since October of 2017 and if you ask her, she LOVES her job and how dedicated we are about the care that we provide. 


Ebony has a wonderful husband whom she married in August 2015, two beautiful children who she loves spending time with and a dog named Blue. She enjoys gardening and good laughs with family and friends. 

Tracie Giacona

Director of Intakes

Tracie Giacona is the Director of Intakes of The Karring Group. She is the clients’ initial contact, and helps jump start a plan of care for their road to recovery. Tracie has been in the medical field for over ten years and has a lot of experience in health care. Working in Hospice for so many years has given Tracie the compassion and understanding for clients who have been faced with these life changing events. With her knowledge and experience she is able to connect with the client and assist them with any concerns and questions about their care.


Tracie was raised in South Florida and moved to Michigan with her family where she finished school and started her career in the medical field. Tracie has a loving husband and they have two beautiful healthy boys that keep her extremely busy. Between soccer games, field trips, and family outings she loves to scrapbook and take pictures. Tracie is looking forward to the future and creating memories with loved ones.

Danyale Dorsey

Intakes Specialist

Danyale Dorsey is an Intakes Coordinator with The Karring Group. She was born and raised in metro Detroit. She enjoys assisting our clients with putting their lives back together after an auto accident. She experienced the benefits of Case Management first hand after a family member was severely injured do to an accident and knew it was the right place for her.


Danyale is currently working on her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Management. She enjoys spending time with family, bike riding and quiet time with a jigsaw puzzle.

Denise Jacques

RN, Nurse Case Manager

Denise Jacques, RN is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group. She received her registered nursing degree from Delta College and a B.A. in business from Northwood University. She was a Critical Care Nurse/Manager for nine years at Saginaw General Hospital. She then spent much of her career working for Abbott Laboratories, Hospital Division, as an account manager selling hospital equipment and injectable drugs. The division then became known as Hospira, Inc., and in 2016 it was obtained by Pfizer. In total, she worked for 32 years in hospital sales. Since mid-2016, she has been working as a case manager for The Karring Group. She enjoys this opportunity to interact with clients and support their needs while using her medical background.


Denise is an avid skier and member of the National Ski Patrol, spending time on the slopes at Schuss Mountain. She also enjoys boating and summer activities at Torch and 8 Points Lakes. She and her husband are blessed to have a son and daughter, their spouses and six grandchildren. They reside in Saginaw, MI.

Kathryn Froberger

RN, Nurse Case Manager

Kathryn Froberger, RN, BSN is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group.  She graduated from Western Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science.  While working throughout the years in different roles, Kathryn realized she wanted to further her education and returned to school to pursue her nursing degree.  Kathryn graduated Cum Laude from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Kathryn has worked on St. John Hospital's main campus in the orthopedic/neurosurgical unit, having a vast understanding of the orthopedic world.  Kathryn previously worked as a case manager for a home care company, providing in-home care to patients to improve their health.  Kathryn is excited to be part of The Karring Group and is looking forward to providing assistance for those back on the road to recovery.

DeSharra McKinley

RN, BSN, Nurse Case Manager

DeSharra McKinley BSN, RN is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Eastern Michigan University in 2009. During the three years she worked as an Adult Intensive Care Registered Nurse she realized her passion to provide care to children. DeSharra accepted a Registered Nurse position at the University of Michigan in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in 2012. There she served on many organized groups to help give Nursing a voice, and to assist with studies to better Nursing practice for patients. She is a member of American Critical Care Nursing.


DeSharra spends her leisure time with her daughter, shopping, traveling, and being involved in church organizations.

Shardey Lott

RN, CCM, BSN, Nurse Case Manager

Shardey Lott, RN, CCM, BSN is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelors of Nursing in 2009. She worked as a floor nurse for several years before transitioning into Case Management. Her specialties as a floor nurse include Geropsychiatry, Orthopedics, Trauma, and Neurology. She has been a Trauma Case Manager for five years.


Shardey’s hobbies include spending time with my family, working out, and traveling the world. 

Shannon Grimm

LPN, Nurse Case Manager

​Shannon Grimm, LPN, is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group. Shannon, with over 16 years’ experience attends initial evaluations with new clients who are in need of case management services, also having the responsibility of developing reports attending patient appointments.  


Shannon moved to Michigan from Ohio in July 2017 and is kept busy with her two daughters’ sports and school activities, while planning for her wedding in October 2019. Shannon enjoys outdoor activities such as gardening, fishing and taking long walks and traveling, especially for concerts.

Megan Cebulski

RN, Nurse Case Manager

Megan Cebulski RN  is a Nurse Case Manager with The Karring Group.  She graduated from Mercy College of Detroit in 1990 and after started her career in orthopedic nursing.  After working inpatient orthopedics for 4 years, Megan transitioned to Home Health Care as a case manager for patients with acute and chronic illnesses.  She has been with The Karring Group since May 2019.


Megan spends her leisure time with her five children and her two beloved grandchildren.  She also enjoys reading, shopping and learning to sew. 

Katie Viazanko


My name is Katie Viazanko. I graduated from Michigan State University with my Bachelors in Nursing in 2014. I have been working in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Beaumont for two years, then Mott Children’s Hospital for the last three years. Watching families and their babies grow and meet new milestones together is the most rewarding part of my job. Working with infants has taught me how to advocate and fight for my patients and I look forward to using those skills here at the Karring Group as a case manager.


I grew up in Clarkston MI and have a big, loud, Italian family. I love to travel and do just about anything I can outside; my husky Lulu keeps me plenty busy outdoors. In my spare time, I coach at Orangetheory and channel my inner Joanna Gaines around my new house. I am currently pursuing my master's at Wayne State University for my Nurse Practitioner degree.

Brooke Klawitter

Physical Therapist Assistant

Brooke Klawitter is the Physical Therapist Assistant with The Karring Group. She has been a PTA for over 13 years and have treated patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Cord injuries related to auto accidents for 7 years. As a Case Manager, she is excited to help assist our clients through their recovery to return to their prior level of functioning as quickly as possible. Her role with The Karring Group is working closely with the primary Case Managers and Case Coordinators to coordinate therapy appointments, ordering durable medical equipment, attending therapy and orthotic/prosthetic appointments and preparing our clients home to be accessible for a speedy return home. The Karring Group has a motivated, dedicated, compassionate team that she enjoys being able to be a part of. 

Tina Padula

COTA, BS, Case Manager

Tina Padula, COTA, BS, is a Case Manager with The Karring Group. She was born and raised in the Detroit metropolitan area. Tina received her certified occupational therapist assistant degree from Schoolcraft College and a BS in healthcare management from Bellevue University. She has worked as a COTA in various settings such as skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, schools, and traumatic brain injury clinics. After years in the healthcare industry, her love of the work has only grown.  


She is passionate about being an advocate for our clients and providing the best quality of care for improving the recovery process. Tina enjoys spending time with her family, jogging, boating, and being a lifelong learner.

Angelice Hemmingway

Internal Care Coordinator

Angelice Hemmingway is an Internal Care Coordinator for The Karring Group. Angelice was Born and raised in California and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She is a former caseworker for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and began working with The Karring Group in October 2018.


Angelice moved to Michigan after getting married in June 2018 and is excited to be a part of The Karring Group. "I am excited to assist clients in receiving the proper care required by supporting the case managers."

Kimberly Romanow

Internal Care Coordinator

Kimberly Romanow is an Internal Care Coordinator with The Karring Group. She was born, raised and currently resides in Macomb County, MI. Kimberly was introduced to health care at a young age when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. Providing them care revealed an amazing passion to her and knew that helping others would play a tremendous role in her life. After graduating from high school, she joined the Red Cross and trained to become a certified nursing assistant. She worked in-home care for several years before taking some time off to raise her three children, Kayla, Jay and Rosalie. Kimberly is also a patient care technician, certified in phlebotomy, dialysis, EKG and mental health, using her experience and knowledge on a medical-surgical floor before joining the team at The Karring Group. 


Kimberly’s greatest passion in life is her children, if she could use one word to describe herself it would be “Mom”. She loves traveling and having outdoor adventures with her family such as camping, hiking and fishing.  Other leisure activities she enjoys writing poetry and playing guitar. Kimberly is dedicated to giving our clients and their family the best care possible, helping to clear the path for our clients on their road to recovery.

Justina Smith

Internal Care Coordinator

Justina Smith is an Internal Care Coordinator with The Karring Group. Working for the family business founded by her grandfather and great-grandfather in Ferndale, MI. Justina was first introduced to health care when her grandfather became ill. While providing care for him along with running the family business, when the family business was sold, she transitioned seamlessly into the medical field as an administrative assistant. After 7 years in this profession, she began work in retail as a Store Manager but knew her passion was helping others and shifted her focus back to working in the medical field. Now working with The Karring Group Justina is elated to continue to develop her passion and advance her career.

In Justina's personal time she loves spending time with her family & 2 dogs.  She also enjoys gardening, playing sports, camping, playing practical jokes on her family and above all shoe shopping!  

Danté Ramocan

Report Editing & Invoice Specialist

Danté Ramocan is a Report Editing and Invoice Specialist with The Karring Group. He attended Wayne State University and Oakland University, initially pursuing a degree in pre-medicine, however eventually changing to actuarial science. Danté has worked in the customer service industry since 2007 and has experience in a multitude of areas from document production to restaurant service.


Danté is excited to be working with medical professionals assisting others in recovery, in any way that he is able to and ecstatic that he is able to do so under the guidance of The Karring Group.

Nicole Reynolds

Report Editing and Invoicing Specialist

Nicole Reynolds is a Report Editing and Invoicing Specialist with The Karring Group. Nicole was born and raised in Detroit, MI.  She attended Detroit Public Schools and after high school attended Alabama State University. Upon returning home she obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Wayne State University in 1999.  While initially holding the position of Case Manager she transitioned to her current role as a coordinator.


Nicole is married and has two sons.  She enjoys spending time with her family, going on vacation, visiting museums, going to musicals and watching fireworks.

Brandon Knowles

Administrative Assistant

Brandon Christopher Knowles is an Administrative Assistant from Detroit, MI. He attended Wayne State University for a degree in Political Science, focusing on diplomacy and world politics. His work experience consists of service industry jobs, such as bartending and restaurant management.


He has two deaf dogs, Greyson and Frankie, and enjoys spending time with friends and family. He likes video games, huge action movies and cannot wait to go Skydiving again.

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