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Status of No-Fault Legislation

The auto no-fault debate continues to ramp up full speed as all both sides continue to press their message to the public. Both Senate Majority Leader Shirkey and House Speaker Chatfield seem unfazed by the Governor’s veto threat shared with the House Democratic Caucus on Wednesday night and then publicly stated  again on Thursday. And the Governor remains committed to doing so based on the fact that the legislative process was a complete joke with no public hearings or serious input from democrats on the two bills.  Additionally, if she did agree to sign an auto no-fault reform bill regardless of the policies contained in the measure, she surely will lose significant leverage with the two republican caucuses on budget priorities and road funding. So, we have been repeatedly told that the Governor will not negotiate on policy at this time.  CPAN has been asked and will be sending a letter asking for the veto and the reasons why. This letter is being prepared as we continue to review both legislative proposals. Furthermore, it is our understanding that the Senate will move HB 4397 by next Wednesday, and the House will likely concur in the Senate changes and send it to the Governor’s desk. . . waiting and hoping she will veto the bill. At this time, it is much more about politics and the 2020 elections for the Republicans than it is about fixing our auto no-fault system. Mayor Duggan is now weighing in and working over the Detroit Caucus hoping he can get more than two House Detroit caucus members to vote for the bill, thereby making it harder for the Governor to veto a bill supported by more  Detroit legislators. We continue to work with Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo  (Detroit Caucus Chair) and her caucus members, assisting them on policy questions and messaging back to their districts.  Over the course of the last three days, I have had multiple meetings with House Dem leadership staff and the Governor’s policy staff.  CPAN will have a document to share on Monday which will outline the major concerns with the proposals. CPAN has also instructed our public relations firm to prepare and execute an earned and paid media strategy which will commence over the weekend. Requests for all of you: Contact your House and Senate members expressing your strong opposition to both HB 4397 and SB 1. the Governor’s office urging her to veto the auto no-fault reform bill that reaches her desk. (if you use the link above a message will also be sent to the Governor's office)Be active on your own FB page and CPAN’s FB page and share your concerns.  Do not be shy about your concerns.We have been working with Attorney General Dana Nessel and her staff, and pleased to learn that she has weighed in on the fight and issued a press release this afternoon opposing the bills based on the changes to the fraud authority. She will be a critical voice in this upcoming debate and we are glad she has engaged to make sure there is a balanced fraud authority and to fight for consumer protections.

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