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To see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please contact us so we can discuss your customized treatment options.

Medical Care

Our case managers work collaboratively with clients, families and their medical team to coordinate care to facilitate optimal care and outcomes for our clients.  We do this through collaboration with the entire team to ensure appointments and tests are being scheduled, obtaining referrals when necessary, obtaining and reviewing medical records and alerting the team of changes in health, care plans and medications.   We will work with the insurance companies to obtain approvals when necessary.  We develop short and long term goals for each client which optimizes their health and assists them with decreasing hospitalization. 


Our Care Managers are certified and licensed by their different professional entities; which include social workers, registered nurses and physical therapists.


Collaboration with the entire medical team, case manager and insurance adjuster from initial evaluation and throughout the client's care under The Karring Group, will ensure a greater outcome.  Communication is essential with patient/family, medical team, case manager, the insurance adjuster and attorney for greater outcomes for the client.  Focus on client-centered, functional and meaningful goals.  Involve patient/family, medical team and insurance adjuster with all medical plans.  Always remember, you are making a difference in the lives of every client.

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