The Karring Group – We provide a comprehensive team approach to client recovery.

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The Karring Group is different because of our team approach to managing your case. The team members include the client, family (caregivers), physicians, therapist, attorneys, and adjusters. With this core group, we are able to customize a treatment plan that will allow us to enhance the recovery of our clients.


The Karring Group Case Managers are dedicated to assisting our clients and their families in managing their catastrophic injuries. Having a personal, experienced, and knowledgeable case manager by your side when making difficult decisions about you or your loved one's healthcare provides a sense of security that will put you at ease. Our Case Managers are committed to respecting and caring for our clients in the best possible way. 


A Case Manager is your personal spokesperson and advocate. They quarterback your care by coordinating with each member of your medical team whether it be: physicians, therapists, attorneys, or adjusters. 

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